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Statistics and Trends

Monthly charts and graphs are produced from statistical numbers published by animal care and control agencies. California Public Records Act requests are made when these numbers are not readily available to the public. Requests are also made to validate any numbers published by animal care and control agencies.

Impounds & Outcomes

Comparisons and Analysis

IVHSReasons For Euthanasia
A 2005 report created by Inland Valley Humane Society is explored showing the number of animals euthanized and the reasons why.
KCACThe 4 Day Hold Period
Results of when a Superior Court Judge ordered Kern County to abide by state law and hold animals for the required 4 days. Dogs and Cats are looked at separately.
KCACPublic Adoption vs Rescue
It is believed and argued by some that Rescue gets all the "good" dogs. This doesn't appear to be true.

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